Video Work

The space inside panic. Video. 2017

I hear the humming behind the curtains. Video. 2016

This forever [together we raised some hell]. Video. 2014

Bury me in my heart’s home. Video. 2014.

I haven't forgotten [thngifnd]. Video. 2014.

Roll lightly off my skin. Video. 2014.

You're the one I'm thinking of. Video 2013

Miscarried Skin. Video. 2013.

Triebhaftigkeit. Video. 2013.

Seeping Tapetum Lucidum. Video. 2013.

Murder of crows. Video. 2013.

Strange fruit. Video. 2012.

"Trahison" Video 2011

"Purgatory" Video 2011

"Ewa" Video 2011

"Chodzenie Koszmaru." Video 2011

When Omar Shariff Appears. Video. 2010 (Music by Mondrian)

Tofu Farmer. Video. 2011 (Music by Mondrian)